Establish a Data Bank for Children with Disability

Many parents cannot afford to take their children for some specialized services and in particular speech & language and physiotherapies, they decide to leave the children at home. Children outgrow and at times the condition may never be remedied. We organize clinics for speech and physio respectively. Being our new and costly programme, we move slowly but people to benefit are very many. Speech therapists are very scarce at least in western Uganda.

We also offer sign language training due to public demand. Registration for the training is still going on and you get to choose your preferred commencement date.

2 thoughts on “CLINICS – Speech & language and physiotherapies

  1. I have a baby who is 5/6 he talks but very slow and he has grown up slowly. crawled at 8 month stood up at 1 and half years and walked at 2 years. currently he’s physically ok but talks slowly though does not stummer. is there anything that can boost his speech. his young sis is very sharp in everything but both have had about 3 seizures. can speech therapy do or I try epicentre to check if there’s a neurological problem.

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