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  1. Thanks to the Oyesigye Special Child Foundation, Rotary Mbarara, and Serve to change lives teams for the compassionate services that you are doing-especially for the children.

  2. Hello Oyesigye Special Child Foundation.
    I greet you in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ
    I am happy to have landed on your/our organization.
    I have a 15 year old Autistic boy child whom I have tried my best to keeping in school since but with very small improvement. I objectively wish my child to pick up any possible skill that can help him lead an independent life and live without dangers. I want to get sponsors such that special attention, training, skilling, etc reach out to my beloved first born son! I haven’t tried any organization before since I never knew if such organisations existed in Uganda. I pray the I am responded to. God bless you.