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Oyesigye Special Child Foudation

What We Do

The Foundation exists as an advocate for Children with disabilities (CWDS) and other forms of special needs, to release them from their economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled independent adults.

The Foundation is guided by the following specific objectives;

  1. To sensitize the community on the plight of children with disabilities and other forms of special needs
  2. To run Special Educational institutions/ programmes for children with Special Needs
  3. To carry out Early identification & intervention programs for children with Special Needs to enable them receive appropriate interventions
  4. To Mobilise for and or provide assistive devices & appliances for children with Special Needs
  5. To Mobilise for child sponsorship to enable financially vulnerable children with disabilities attend school.
  6. To Provide Guidance & Counseling services to the children, parents/ caregivers, teachers and other service providers of children with Special Needs.
  7. To arrange and / or conduct training of teachers, therapists, support staff and or parents to enable them sufficiently support children with Special Needs
  8. To carry out research in Special Needs and disability related areas.
  9. To organize sports and / recreational activities for children and youth of Special Needs

Contact Us

Physical Adress
Nyakakoni, Ruti, Nyakayojo Division,
Mbarara Municipality, Mbarara District, Uganda.
4 kms Mbarara Kabale Road
P.O. Box 1130 Mbarara, Uganda
 (+256) 772681270
 (+256) 702102453


The major beneficiaries of the Foundation are all children with disability and other forms of special needs from 0 to 20 years, their families, teachers and other therapists for children with disability and other special needs within Mbarara Municipality community and neighboring communities.


Social Workers. Special Education teachers, Sign language interpreters, Mobility and orientation instructors, Community Development Workers. Counselors, Health Workers. Psychiatrists.




The membership of the organisation includes;
well-wishers, professionals in Special Needs Education related areas and parents/guardians of CWDS and other forms of special needs.